quotes from readers

  • “I’m so enjoying the book. Reading it before and after I sit each day. I’ve had to fight the impulse to tear through it in a day, but I’ve waited a long time for another book from you and I want to savor it!!! I love it’s direct writing . When I began my practice - 30 years ago next year- I must have lost 7 years working through the esoteric ramblings of eastern roshis who wrote about meditation in a convoluted, almost koan-like manner.

  • To see the practice told this way now, done so well and direct is to get right to the matter and will be such an enormous gift to anyone who picks this book up. Can’t wait to talk about it at length when I’m done.”

  • “Hey, just have to say again that I could have ripped through this book in one sitting, but I am purposely savoring every page of it reading one or two when I sit. There is gold to be discovered on every page that not only works for people who have been sitting for a long time like me, but for people just coming to the practice. It’s such an incredible book. Such useful teachings. I have bought and gifted it to five people! Thank you for writing this. I bow deeply to you.
    This book continues to be a source of unfolding wisdom that I am so grateful to have. A deep bow to you.”

  • “I love the entire design of the book. it feels good in your hands too.”

  • “I am writing to express my appreciation for Claude AnShin’s new book,Bringing Meditation to Life. I just want to let you know how much I am loving it. I am so grateful to have this little book on my bedside table, to go to sleep with one of the readings and wake up with another. It brings me back to so many of the conversations we have had over the years. Thank you for your devotion, your wisdom and all you do to support the teachings.”