marion genrai lukas, germany

When and where was your first encounter with Buddhist practice?
In 1991 I came into contact with Tibetan Buddhist practice through my yoga teacher at the time. In 1998 I saw the Dalai Lama at a retreat near Hamburg, Germany. He recommended looking for a teacher. Then I met Claude AnShin Thomas in Cologne, Germany in 2000.

What do you like best about your Zen Buddhist practice?
The simplicity and clarity of the practice. That it is so straightforward and very compatible with everyday life.

What has been a challenging aspect in your Zen Buddhist practice?
To pay attention to my breath in every moment. This is the biggest task of my life. Another challenge for me is to appear in public with the practice, to represent it.

Name one thing you changed as a result of your Zen Buddhist practice?
 I stopped drinking alcohol.

What would be an ordinary moment in your daily life that feels truly joyful for you? 
To cuddle with “my” cat.

What is something that you are deeply grateful at this time?
For the possibility to continue the practice online and to support myself and others with it.