horses tell you the truth

Horses Tell You The Truth
Paola di Paolo, Canada

Yes, taking care of horses is a good working meditation for sure!  Horses always tell the truth and remind me of what mental state I am in. If I am rushed or anxious, they can definitely sense that energy. And they can sense when I relax, too. I have a sanctuary of sorts on a farm with 7 donkeys, 7 ponies, and 3 full sized horses. Each day I do the same chores with some modifications if someone needs special care.  The horses rely on me being there, doing the same chores at the same time every day. They rely on me paying close attention to details, to clean up after them and to get their meals, supplements, and medications right (for those on meds). I cannot make a mistake or miss an important cue or a horse could get sick and injured.

Since horses are prey animals, they tend to hide their discomfort or illness., So, I have to pay attention all the time - rain, snow, heat, dark or light. The rhythm and importance of the chores puts me in mind of meditative work - there are no shortcuts, as the horses rely on me doing my chores well. My heart breaks sometimes when I see horse owners not caring for their animals. Then I try to figure out how to respectfully talk with them about their animals’ needs so that I will be heard and their horse can get what he/she needs.