solar update!

We are glad to report that most of the buildings at the Magnolia Zen Center are now running on solar energy and have been doing so for the past four months. It has been a wonderful feeling to know that we are, in a concrete way, supporting planet Earth by reducing our carbon footprint. It’s also good to know that we have a stable, independent energy source, that we are supporting local workers, and that we are setting an example for our local community.

One building is awaiting solar panel installation in the near future. These solar systems are designed to cover 100% of the electricity needs of each building. If our systems produce more energy than needed, the excess energy is automatically sold to the power company

Many of you supported us in going forward with this project. We thank you so very much! Thus far we have raised $23,400 of the total cost, which was $80,000.


Please help us reach our funding goal!