hilary moreno - zaltho advisor

  1. When and where was your first encounter with Buddhist practice?
    My dad always pushed us to learn about all religions and to not become blinded by one or another. He said all forms of religion and spirituality have equal importance and share so many commonalities. I’m not clear on when I first became interested in Buddhism - my guess is it was in my high school years when I moved from the North to the heavily religious South and was forced to explain why I didn’t go to church over and over again. Buddhism made the most sense to me when I asked myself questions about what I believed. There was a kindness to it, a non-judgmental presence, a non-evangelic stance. It just existed and if you were interested then explore more. I purchased lots of books and learned what I could. 
  2. What do you like best about your Zen Buddhist practice?
    I liked that it was non-judgmental, non-evangelical. It just was. The idea that the Buddha existed in all of us, that we could seek that out in others even if they were of other faiths.
  3. What has been a challenging aspect in your Zen Buddhist practice?
    Staying in the present moment was so difficult when I was younger and struggling to find my place in the world and understand life on life’s terms. As I get older it gets easier for me to just be where I am. Letting go of expectations is also tough for me but when I manage to do it my life feels so much lighter.
  4. Name one thing you changed as a result of your Zen Buddhist practice?
    The ability to find joy and peace even when life is difficult. Knowing if I’m in the present moment then I will experience pure moments of delight and awe every day. It helps me to stop fighting things I have no control over and thus lowers the amount of stress I feel at times.
  5. What would be an ordinary moment in your daily life that feels truly joyful for you?
    Listening to my children laugh with each other always fill my heart.
  6. What is something that you are deeply grateful for at this time?
    My health and my sanity and the joy my life holds.