what is new at the animal sanctuary?

What New at the Animal Sanctuary?


Barbara Riever, Florida, USA, daughter of a veteran

“One eyed joe came with other ferral cats we feed. We noticed his eye oozing and hurt. We caught him and APL neutered him, chipped him and gave him rabies and looked at eye but I knew it wasn’t sufficient care. I took him to my vet and he said eye needed to come out and he was in pain. The vet did an eye enucleation and he is recovering. The vet said the eye had ruptured and he literally had to pick out lense and cornea pieces of the eye. The eye no longer oozes and is sewn shut. Thank you with all my heart to wiebke, Claude and you. I could not afford to help these cats if not for you all. I contribute but I am not wealthy. It is so rewarding to help a living being in pain and in need of help.”