get to know the sangha: koenl taido duenk

1. When and where was your first encounter with Buddhist practice?

That was 2013 at the Shambhala-Center in Cologne at an open meditation evening for new and inexperienced people.

2. What do you like best about your Zen Buddhist practice?

That it opens my mind to see things differently than I have seen them before.

3. What has been a challenging aspect in your Zen Buddhist practice?

The discipline of practicing daily and integrating the practice into my daily life.

4. Name one thing you changed as a result of your Zen Buddhist practice?

Driving! The practice has helped me stay in the moment while driving and not get lost in negative and stress-producing thoughts.

5. What would be an ordinary moment in your daily life that feels truly joyful for you? 

I have intensively cared for larger plants in the house and nurtured them back to health because they were almost dead. Now I am happy about every sprout, every new leaf and every flower. They look very healthy again, full of leaves.

6. What is something that you are deeply grateful at this time?

That no one in my immediate surroundings has become seriously ill or even died from covid.