our practice

You can do this. You can face
your own sorrow, your own wounds.
You can stop fighting against the truth of yourself.
- Claude AnShin Thomas


Meditation is not only something we do seated on a cushion or a chair.  It is the way we live our lives.  We can learn and practice specific forms of meditation in order to wake up to the reality that spiritual practice and daily life are not two different things.

By living a life rooted in meditation, we have the opportunity to recognize our repeating patterns of suffering and begin to establish a more conscious relationship with these patterns so that they no longer control us.  Through this process, through living a life rooted in a disciplined, committed meditation practice, we have the opportunity finally fully experience the wonder of being alive.

Meditation is not medication.  It will not rescue us from our pain, from our moods.  It is not for escaping our discomfort or for fixing ourselves. Meditation is about facing ourselves--about developing the courage and commitment to be present to our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions on an ongoing basis, no matter what we’re doing.  When we live this way, when we bring meditation practice into all aspects of our lives, we gradually come to discover our innate wisdom and our essential unbrokenness.