going solar

In 2022 the  Magnolia Zen Center began converting its buildings to solar energy. Thanks to an initial round of fundraising and financing, five out of six buildings are now running entirely on solar power. A solar-powered Level 2 car charger was also installed, allowing the MZC’s electric vehicle to run on clean, renewable energy.

Please help us to complete this project and move toward a greener, more sustainable future. We’re reaching out to you now because we still need to raise $70,000 to fully fund this project.


The Magnolia Zen Center in Mary Esther, Florida, hosts weekly programs and residential retreats for anyone who wants to learn how Buddhist teachings and meditation practice can support them in the process of healing and transformation.

Our programs are attended by military veterans, trauma survivors, individuals in recovery, helping professionals, and others seeking practical tools for facing suffering and finding peace with their unpeacefulness. The Magnolia Zen Center is run by the Zaltho Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that promotes the practice of meditation, with a special focus on supporting combat veterans.