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Liberation rests in spiritual discipline. Here discipline doesn’t mean becoming rigid but making a commitment to certain methods of thought, speech, and action that support us in training the mind to become more conscious and in finding ways of living that benefit ourselves and others.

make a difference

  • Start a personal meditation practice.
  • Host events: organizing a public talk, a meditation retreats or another event with Claude AnShin Thomas in your area. Contact
  • Non-monetary donations: donate items such as property, office supplies, incense, bells, icons, materials for Kesa (formal robe), altars, clothes and food for families in need.
  • Volunteer to help with special projects such as mailings and fundraising.
  • Bring awareness to the topic of non-violence, for instance by introducing or donating the book 'AT HELL'S GATE – A Soldier's Journey from War to Peace' (Shambhala 2004) to schools, prisons, hospitals, military basis, city or country governments.


You can start changing your life right now. Commit yourself today to the following four steps:

  1. Practice sitting meditation each morning and each night- even if it is just for five minutes.
  2. Stop drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or taking any other drugs or intoxicants.
  3. Stop eating fish, meat, and poultry.
  4. Become active with a meditation group and a teacher - in whatever forms a teacher might present itself. Also connect within your local community to become socially active and engaged, for instance volunteer time and energy and donate resources.


To walk the path of practice, also observe the following guidelines:

  1. Don’t kill — practice protecting life
  2. Don’t steal — practice being generous.
  3. Don’t practice sexual unclarity — practice being respectful.
  4. Don’t lie or gossip — practice being honest and kind.
  5. Don’t take intoxicants — practice appreciating your body and your life.