what we do

Our long-term goal is to create a residential, non-medical based treatment center for veterans who are living with post-traumatic stress. The focus will be to utilize meditation practice as a path of recovery.

future plans

the oakwood center

The Zaltho Foundation’s long-term goal is to create a residential, non-medical treatment center for veterans living with post-traumatic stress.

This center, staffed by veterans and mental health professionals, will be a place where veterans can live in community for several months at a time to immerse themselves in the practice of meditation as a path of recovery.

It will take some time to raise the necessary funds to make this vision a reality (we are seeking to raise approximately $500,000).

In the meantime, the Zaltho Foundation will continue to promote a meditation-based approach to recovery from combat trauma by offering 5-day retreats for veterans at the Magnolia Zen Center in Mary Esther, FL, and in other locations around the United States.

The Zaltho Foundation has also begun to offer 5-day meditation retreats for helping professionals who work with combat veterans.