veterans' pets health care

Pets play a major role in veterans' recovery and sense of wellbeing. Help us help veterans.

veterans' pets health care

The Zaltho Foundation, which has supported veterans and their family members since 1993, recognizes that pets often play a big role in veterans' recovery and sense of wellbeing.

Our Veterans' Pets Healthcare Fund helps local veterans to afford the high cost of veterinary care. In this effort, we are partnering with two local veterinarian clinics to identify and support local veterans in need.

If you are a veteran living in the area of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and would like to apply for such funding at the clinics Wynn Haven and Crossroads, please click on the download button on the left.

Please send the completed form back to us either via email at or via US postal mail.

If you would like to support our animal sanctuary or the Veterans Pets Healthcare Fund with a donation, click DONATE.

Thank you so much for your support!


This is Jackson, our 13-year-old rescued dog who was struck with a very bad case of pancreatitis. This condition is extremely painful for dogs and prevents them from eating or drinking due to the inflammation of the liver and pancreas. He spent over 7 days at the Wynn Haven Animal Hospital where he received outstanding treatment from Dr. Jim Whiteside and his staff. They truly treated Jackson like their own!
Unfortunately, Jackson couldn’t overcome his condition even with the best care possible. As you could imagine his medical bills added up quick. With your extremely generous donations the cost was cut by 50%. We cannot thank everyone enough for the donation. We truly are so thankful."
- Kenneth C., Iraq War Veteran

I have assisted feral cats in my neighborhood since 2014. It is amazing how they know and come to me for help or just a meal. I try to trap and fix them as soon as they start to trust me. The Zaltho Foundation has helped me and supported me with a few of these cats. The latest was Samson who had gotten in a fight and needed antibiotics and we got him neutered. His owner had overdosed on drugs. Samson was at corner store homeless, so I brought him into my home. He is alive and well because of the Zaltho Foundation’s support. Thank you so much for your help. It is so sad to see some of the feral cats suffer when they are abandoned or ill. It is an honor and a privilege to assist them in my small way. I feel much gratitude for the support that I received from the Zaltho Foundation."
- Barbara Reaver, mother of a veteran

My name is Amy, and I am a disabled Iraq war veteran. My support dog is a Borzoi named Nadi, and she is a free spirit who loves to push the boundaries of her physical limitations. A few weeks before Nadi’s annual checkup, a spot on her rear leg began to bleed. It was the same leg she had broken a few years earlier. I went to the vet, and it turned out Nadi would need two surgeries. When I learned that the Zaltho Foundation’s Veterans' Pets Healthcare Fund would cover half the cost, I cried. A huge stressor was lifted from me and I was able to focus on the most important thing: Nadi and her recovery. I would like to thank the Zaltho Foundation for making this possible.”
- Amy M., Iraq War veteran