what we do

Post traumatic stress is not a disorder. We veterans are dealing with a moral wounding. Healing is done by us - not to us.

veterans retreats

Veterans Retreats are primarily focused on the practice of meditation. This supports veterans and their family members in facing the more fundamental injuries caused by the experience of and preparation for war—injuries that are deeply moral and spiritual in nature.

During the retreats, participants learn and practice several forms of meditation: sitting, walking, writing, eating, working, speaking, and listening. The time together includes long periods of silence, which supports the process of healing and transformation. While Claude AnShin Thomas is rooted in Zen Buddhist practice, these retreats are intended for people of any spiritual background.

The next veterans retreat at the Magnolia Zen Center takes place Wednesday, 17 April to Sunday, 21 April 2024. For more information and to register, please email